My energetic, rather needy dog comes home exhausted and happy after a "walk" with Paul.  (They go out rollerblading and he loves it!)  Paul is extremely professional, reliable, and genuinely loves dogs.  It's obvious that my dog loves him and has the time of his life!  I highly recommend him. 

John from North New Jersey

Masseimo is a much better dog since we've had TAKA Dog Walk,he is much more obedient and not as crazy.  With all of the extra time, exercise, and major attention he is getting he is extremely mellow at night when we come home.  We think the treats have made his coat look better...he's shiny! We really love the daily text pics and detailed messages about where he was and what he did everyday. SO CUTE!

Kim from Edgewater

THANKS SO MUCH for your daily photos of Lucy. I can tell how much she loves you. She's so much happier and more confident now. She has a strut in her walk.

Lynette from West New York

BB is simply wonderful!!! I started off a little skeptical because I'm a worrier.  I'm protective of my dog, and was unsure about giving a perfect stranger the keys to my apartment.  Now, I can't say enough positive things. I get daily photo texts of  Charlie's walk, run, and frisbee.  I think her treats even have his skin looking better and he's lost weight.  I would recommend her to everyone! 

Carol from North Bergen

I don't know who is happier with TAKA Dog Walk, me or my dog!  Barkley cannot wait to see Paul! He is truely professional and reliable and thorough. I know whether I am just gone for the day or several that he is going to get the best care. I never worry about "no shows" and my life is much more manageable having the peace of mind TAKA Dog Walk has provided. True Animal Lovers!!! Thanks for the daily pics and detailed messages you make both of our days!

Johanna from N. Bergen

When BB comes to the door Toby flips---Literally---with excitement!  He adores playtime, walks, fetch and sometimes they play hide-and-go-seek.  He has so much fun and comes back happy and exhausted.  She knows dogs and it shows!  We've recommended her to friends and they've been happy too. 

Christine from West New York

"We rescued an abandoned puppy who, while extremely lovable, was also
somewhat fragile and understandably anxious. Because he wasn't yet
neutered and not wanting to subject him to the stress of doggy daycare
yet, we contacted a number of dog walkers and boarders at the last
minute with the hopes that someone could help. Some offered their
support, but none to the level of Paul and Beatrice of TAKA Dog Walk.
They agreed to extend their services at a fair price to watch him
throughout the day, even training him to walk on leash properly. You
know your dog is getting well cared for when it is excited to be
dropped off at daycare and our pup certainly is happy after TAKA! We
wouldn't hesitate to use TAKA again and give them our highest

Thank you again for all you've done - and continue to do - for Wiggins!

Matt and Christine from Guttenberg

Taka Dog Walk is a life saver, by far the best dog walking service I have ever had. I have had my sweet girl (kailee) for over 7 years, she was a shelter dog and had issues being very aggressive with other dogs. She requires special attention and control when walking, if she's not walked a certain way it could be pretty bad for another dog and/or for her...Needless to say, hiring a dog walker isn't easy and it's really stressful for me. I'm always worried that she'll be aggressive and the walker won't have control. I've been working with dog walkers for over 4 years and BY FAR Beatrice and Paul are the most amazing walkers I have ever had.

Whey they came for the consultation Paul immediately was able to control my dog (in a very sweet way, think Cesar calm assertive.) I was so impressed, I couldn't believe it and I already felt good about hiring them. It only got better from there...

They send multiple pictures daily, they really love what they do, you can tell by the candid shots they get of my girl, sooooo wonderful! Walking, running, tired, drinking water. Don't forget the cute captions they send with every photo, it's like I am taking the walk with her. All the nervousness/fear/guilt  we as owners might have about leaving our dogs all day while we work and hiring a walker - GONE! I was excited every day to get their little updates, and in addition it was like verification that kailee (my doggy) was getting the full 30 min run in. Oh, and when I got home, my very active high energy doggy was relaxed and tired from her wonderful walk/run! She loved them! On the weekends, when I didn't need the service, kailee would run to the door at 2pm, so excited thinking Paul was going to be there and take her on her daily walk. Give your kids the activity they deserve while you're working, the lack of guilt I have now and satisfaction of knowing kailee gets to relieve herself and get some exercise instead of being cooped up all day is ALONE worth double the price of this service!

I can't say enough about Paul and Beatrice!! You're not going to find a better walker and their prices are totally reasonable, the same if not LESS than what you're going to pay for those OTHER GUYS that only do really bad group dog walkers, that don't send you any updates, give no special attention and you worry if they're actually taking that full "30 min."

Beatrice and Paul are the greatest!

Christina from Weehawken