Our Staff

Beatrice (BB) - Founder/owner

Beatrice (BB), Founder/owner

As a life long pet parent to dogs, and cats, and a huge lover and advocate of animals, I began taking care of my patient's dogs at the optical centers I was running in NYC. I was responsible for making the centers very dog friendly, and would eagerly volunteer to care for the four legged babies during their pet parent's eye examination. Due to my devotion to animals, boundless amounts of energy, and a natural instict with dogs, the business itself happened quite by accident. It wasn't before long that I was taking on the additional responsibilities of caring for dogs, and cats after work, during lunch, on weekends, and even taking on overnight visits. The result is TAKA Dog Walk. This joyous labour of love not only turned into a 24/7 business, this is my passion!  My partner Paul and I absolutely love what we do, we're really good at it, and it shows in all the beautiful, happy pets we have the privalige of caring for.  We can't wait to meet you, and your furry baby!



Paul - Founder / Owner / Trainer

Paul, Founder / Owner / Trainer

Growing up dogs have always been a part of my life.  I grew up with dog trainers in my family, so you could say it's in my blood. I went on to study various methods of training, and their effectiveness for my own dog. I was hooked. Like teaching a child, there is nothing better than when a dog lights up, and they "get it"!! Good Dog!!

TAKA Dog Walk developed because of that love. My partnership with Beatrice has made the experience of dog training, dog walking and animal care more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined.  Her energy and my passion have created an oustanding experience for all animals to be around.  We share a love for animals that is unsurpassed. I look forward too sharing this passion with each of your pets!




Mischa - Canine Ambassador

Mischa, Canine Ambassador

Our dog Mischa is an amazing liaison to other animals. She loves to socialize with other dogs, especially puppies. She shows the puppies how to behave, and they take her lead.

Mischa is an 8 year old rescue that came to us from the Liberty Humane society.  She has been the light of our lives for over five years now and continues to be our love and inspiration.  She is playful and very egar to make friends with other dogs.  She loves to be outdoors and keeps her coat shiny by eating TAKA Dog Walk's own treats, as we always say Mischa tested, Mischa approved!!!.