The TAKA Dog Walkers

Your Dog will have fun with us
"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Join us with your pup for a fun filled, super entertaining doggie social hour, and puppy party parade

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    Beatrice Tavakoli
    Mischa, Zeba, Nemo, Koby and GG’s Mom.

    Lifetime  Dog lover. Founder of TAKA Dog Walk

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    Paul Kaiser
    Mischa, Zeba, Nemo, Koby, and GG’s Dad.

    Dog trainer. Lifetime Dog lover. Cofounder of TAKA Dog Walk

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    Sarah B
    Our Dog Enthusiasts, and awesome photographers

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    Beatrice.....a few years older....
    Our Dog Enthusiasts, and awesome photographers
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    Sarah A
    Our Dog Enthusiasts, and awesome photographers
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    Our Dog Enthusiasts, and awesome photographers
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    TAKA Dog Walk ambassador

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    Taka Dog Walk ambassador
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    Zeba RIP our beautiful princess
    Taka Dog Walk ambassador
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    Taka Dog Walk ambassador
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    GG & Billie Fun loving, yet camera shy kitties
    Taka Dog Walk ambassador
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    Our Dog Enthusiasts, and Awesome photographer

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