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*** Insured and Bonded***

You know you have a problem when you're in the middle of a conversation, you see a dog, and you loose all ability to focus because all you want to do is say Hello to the dog

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Our Story....."Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole"

This is our Mischa. Paul and I adopted her 10 years ago. She’s 15 now, and the eldest of her 5 furry siblings. Like many of you we worked corporate jobs with very long hours in NYC. Wanting the best for our fuzzy butt, Mischa had a "dog walker" that was supposed to take her out 3 times a day for potty relief, exercise, fun, and companionship. Our poor Dog was getting Severely short changed. As we looked for another pet care provider we made a list of what we wanted for our dog when we couldn’t be with her....  

For us the ideal dog walker would provide the following...

  • Love our fuzzy child almost as much as you love your own fur babies
  • Pay full attention to, and have fun with our dog. No cell phones, and no soliciting for a new dog client on our dog's time 
  • No new introductions to a dog you don’t know.... it can be a dangerous situation.  
  • Walk our dog. Make sure she fully relieves herself, and get her tired.....

Like so many of you, we would have loved daily updates with fun pictures, and videos showing us where our fur baby journeyed to, and how much fun she had.

There was nothing even close to what we wanted for Mischa. So we said good bye to our way of life, and started a dog walking service that offered everything we wanted for our own dog.

Today TAKA Dog Walk is still a small, personal, and very hands dog walking, and pet care service. We continually set the bar high for the quality of care that other dog walking companies large, and small try to emulate. For our TAKA Dog Walking team It’s all about love, fun, way too many kisses and exercise with your furry family.

The TAKA Dog Walkers

"The world would be a much nicer place if everyone loved as unconditionally as a Dog"

We’re trained and certified in working with a wide range of pets, energy levels and needs.

  • Mischa


    TAKA Dog Walk ambassadors

    Our reason for the creation of a truly unique, loving dog walking service that specializes in fun, and love.

  • Beatrice Tavakoli

    Beatrice Tavakoli

    Mischa, Zeba, Nemo, Koby and GG’s Mom.

    Lifetime  Dog lover, dog enthusiast, and animal rights activist. Founder,and creator of TAKA Dog Walk

  • Paul Kaiser

    Paul Kaiser

    Mischa, Zeba, Nemo, Koby, and GG’s Dad.

    Dog trainer. Lifetime Dog lover. Cofounder of TAKA Dog Walk

  • Zeba...Earned her wings

    Zeba...Earned her wings thank you for coming into our lives our baby Zeba

    Our beautiful angel Zeba. She knew how to get all of her doggie friends to start playing, and have a blast. We love you forever Zeba

  • Nemo

    Nemo Doggie Ambassador

    Our sweet Nemo always helps get the dog party started. He absolutely loves seeing all of his friends, and meeting new ones. This little boy just loves to come to work with his mom and dad

  • Kobi

    Kobi Ambassador in training

    Our newest member of our family, and doggie ambassadors. Super playful, fun loving, and very much a puppy. Koby loves making all sorts of new friends

  • Becca


    Becca has been with us for about five years. She is absolutely amazing with our fur babies. Becca loves working with animals so much that she is currently studying to become a vet tech. 

  • Sarah A

    Sarah A

    Sarah has been with us for a couple of years. She absolutely loves every single personality of our awesome dogs. Sarah considers all of the unique charachteristics of the dogs that she walks so they have the maximum amount of fun together

  • Sarah B

    Sarah B

    Our newest, outstanding team member. Sarah is an actress from LA who's passion is all things dog. Sarah is the perfect fit to our Taka Dog Walking family

  • Sam


    We are so lucky to have Sam back with us even if its just part time. Sam just got her cetification as a medical assistant, and already landed an awesome job. She loves the dogs so much that she worked out her schedule to still come in and see her furry best friends

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