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We Love Happy Dogs!!!

Pets are family!!! We will make sure your four legged family is always happy!!!

Now Serving: Hardyson Twp., Hamburg and Vernon. Continuing to serve our furry friends in  Weehawken, Union City, Edgewater, and surrounding areas. 

TAKA Dog Walk  (Take-a dog walk) is a professional pet care provider that continuously delivers excellent service. We have set a new standard for the level of care given to your four legged babies.  

Customized Dog Walks for maximum fun

Our focus is always on your dog. Based on our meet and greet we custom create one on one dog walks and pup playtime for fun, exercise, continuity, and of course lots of affection.  We know dogs are pack animals, and need their socialization time (yep we offer that, but we'll get to that later), but pack walks are generally mismatched, and unsafe.  While in our care your canine's well being, health and happiness is our first priorty. 

Dog Training

How can we speak to our pups?


Through a series of reinforment of positive behaviors we have developed a training method with a proven success record. From leash training, to crate training, to resolving behavioral issues we do it all!! We can help create a happy home for both you and your beloved canine to enjoy.

Our dog training works if you work it!!!! 

The New Day Camp!!!

Want your furry baby to spend more time having a blast with like minded fuzzy butts? Have them come to doggie day camp in the country. Think of how much fun your pup will have running, and hiking on 6 acres of breathtaking mouintain landscape complete with trails, a fabulous huge dog run, and indoor facility. The best running, jumping, barking, and fetching off leash experience your furry family can have in a day, and come home exhausted because its all play, all day...   


Checking in

We developed our own "FUN Photo and Video Check In Service."  This personalized service allows you to be part of your canine's or feline's fun and activities during our visit.  We have brightened up many pet parents' days with the pictures/ videos of their furry little ones.  Making you, and your pet happy is what we do best!!!! 


 For the four pawed kids who need more puppy playtime with their own kind, we offer 40 to 50 minutes of semi-private socialization. (2 - 3 fun loving dogs maxium)



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TAKA Dog Walk's mission is to treat your dog, cat, and your home with the love, care and respect you deserve.  Our individualized attention keeps your pet happy, loved, fit, well adjusted, well fed, and clean. You and your pets happiness is our first priorty.

We Love Our Dogs, We Love Our Cats, We Love Our Clients.....  

We cater specifically to the needs of your pet!!