If my pet becomes ill while I'm away...How will that be handled?

TAKA Dog Walk will get information from you in advance on how to handle such emergencies.  You will be asked to complete a form detailing the name of your vet, contact information of people who may help with decision making if unreachable, and funds you authorize to be spent on your pets behalf.


(201) 377-0479

What days of the week is TAKA Dog Walk available?

For yours and your pets convenience TAKA Dog Walk is available seven days a week 24 hours a day.


How are my keys handled?

In order to make it easier for you TAKA Dog Walk will offer to keep your key, in a secure place for future pet sitting engagements.

What about insurance and bonding?

TAKA Dog Walk is fully insuraned and bonded.  This protects you should there be an incident that involves you pet and/or property.  Everything TAKA Dog Walk does is in your best interest. 

How do I know when the sitter is at my home and if my pet is safe?

Your TAKA Dog Walk pet sitter will send you a picture of your pet via text or email upon arrival to your home.   A detailed note of there walk/excercise will be sent when the pet sitter departs your home.  If in addition you would like a daily phone call we aim to please.  


Will I have the same pet sitter I meet with?

Absolutely!  At TAKA Dog Walk rest assured that you will be working with the same pet sitter that arrives at your intial consiltation. This way the information you provide is falling on the same ears that will be taking care of your precious pet.  All custom requests will be carried out by the person you speak with. 



What makes TAKA Dog Walk different from other pet sitters?

Truely individualized attention...NEVER PACK WALKS!  TAKA Dog Walk customizes each routine/walk/exercise to fit the wants and needs of the owner's and there pets.  TAKA Dog Walk keeps your precious pet(s) healthly, clean, and feed.  Our picture via email or text service keeps owner's informed of their pets consistant schedule and routine.  Our motto is: A tired dog is a good dog.  

As part of TAKA Dog Walks routine services we offer to your beloved pets, natural organic home baked biscuits, paw wipe down upon arrival back home, massages to relieve stress and homemade organic green tea facial clense with focus on the tear ducts.  (Almost makes you want to be your dog or cat doesn't it?)



What areas do you service?

We mainly service areas in Northern New Jersey.

Specific cities Serviced: Weehawken, Edgewater, Hoboken, North Bergen,  West New York, Union City, and Guttenberg.