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We are a small, detail oriented, professional pet sitting service. we cater specifically to the needs of your pet!!

Expert Care For Your Pet, The Best Service For You

Dog Walking Services for 07086, 07087, 07093, 07047 and surrounding areas:

  • 30 plus minutes of individual customized dog walk/playtime.
  • Daily Photo Check in Service of your best friend via text or email.
  • Four Paw cleaning upon arrival back home.
  • Tear duct cleanse as needed. 
  • Replace dog food and water in bowls.
  • Leave your dog tired and relaxed.


Showing Our Love For Our Other Best Friends... Cat Services:

  • 20-25 minute playtime.
  • Litter box change.
  • Facial Cleanse with focus on tear duct area.
  • Stress relieving Purrtime Kitty massage.
  • Replace Cat food and water in bowls.
  • Leave your precious kitty with their favorite toys.



  • Boarding is in the comfort of our home.
  • The overnight is a One on One service so your pet will always have our undivided attention.
  • Single night service includes a feeding and hydration.
  • A full 30 minute evening, morning and afternoon walk.
  • Our Photo Check in Service via text or email is included with any and all stays.
  • Long term stays include the above and a daily midday Treat.

Dog Training

Good dog training takes work, a lot of consistency, and tons of commitment. As with any other improvement program, it takes time and effort to modify behavors to obtain the desired results.  Through a series of positive reinforement behaviors we have developed techniques that will adjust your dog or puppies unwanted behaviors.     

Additional Services Offered:

  • Pet chauffeur. (Charges may apply)
  • Pet food pick-up. (Charges may apply)
  • Mail pick up.
  • Watering of plants.
  • Turning on or off lights.
  • Administering pet medications.
  • etc...as per instructions.

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